Core Testing

Pür Scan

PÜR SCAN is our safe, non-invasive CORE TEST that determines the overall health and function of a wide range of systems in the body. Operating on a platform of four technologies: bio-impedance, galvanic skin response, heart rate variability, and pulse wave analysis and managed by a cross-analysis of data, PÜR SCAN provides your global wellness view. This includes certain risk factors, possible underlying reasons for health issues, and the ability to monitor response to treatment. Every new patient visiting the clinic will start with the PÜR SCAN to provide a baseline of health and system function. This test will also be used in subsequent visits to show the level of improvement gained from treatment.

Blood Work

Based on the immediate results of the PÜR LIFE CORE TESTS and information gathered during the office visit, the physician may order custom lab orders for more in-depth health insights.




PÜR BIOENERGETIC MICROCURRENT offers pain relief and rapid healing to various parts of the body using neural-electro stimulation. This particular form of electrotherapy employs a combination of proprietary electrical stimulation protocols to open cellular communication and restore the cells in a given area to their proper electrical charge. This encourages and empowers the cells to heal themselves and triggers the production of ATP – the body’s key energy source. Treatments can reduce pain and inflammation in every area of the body and treatments often result in immediate relief from pain and inflammation.


This procedure uses cutting-edge biomedical technology to trigger the production of a patient’s own stem cells, thus stimulating the regrowth of damaged and degenerating tissue. This procedure can be performed in a localized area, such as the knee or shoulder, or it can be administered in a generalized application through an IV drip. PÜR REGENERATIVE therapies represent a quantum leap forward in medical science, offering solutions to degenerative ailments previously thought to be unresolvable. Instead of surgery or suffering with nothing but opioids to lessen the pain, PÜR Regenerative Biologics offers new, viable hope.


Acoustic wave therapy uses energy from acoustic waves to trigger a process called neovascularization in certain parts of the body. When neovascularization occurs, new blood vessels form, improving blood flow to the affected area. This type of therapy has been used to help heart patients, people with kidney stones, and those with fractures, joint inflammation, and sexual dysfunction. Acoustic wave therapy works by inducing microtrauma to the affected tissue. This triggers the body to initiate its own healing response, causing blood vessel formation and increased delivery of nutrients to the affected area. In short, microtrauma stimulates a repair process, which can relieve pain and the underlying condition causing it.


PÜR IV offers a variety of nutrients delivered straight to your bloodstream while you relax in comfort. This quick, convenient intravenous infusion provides a powerful and effective way to boost your health anytime, whether you come in on your lunch break or other times during the day. Choose from nutrients that support your immune system, boost your energy, increase your antioxidant levels, and many others.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone imbalance (which includes low hormone levels) is a major cause of modern illness and is a contributing factor in a wide range of health issues. Most patients are unaware of the impact hormone levels can have on the body, and almost none are aware of their current hormone levels – even if they are dangerously low or otherwise out of balance. PÜR LIFE Medical provides testing and solutions for this very serious but little-known problem in modern society. Whether the concern revolves around low sex drive, menopause, lack of energy and interest in life, erectile dysfunction, or other hormone-related issues, our state-of-the-art hormone therapies may restore you to healthy levels.

Weight Loss

The standard American diet, combined with cultural and media influence, contributes to the standardization and acceptance of being overweight or obese. While the free market offers a myriad of diets, supplements, and programs designed to lose weight, the truth is that overall - none are working. America continues to get heavier and sicker. Weight loss is neither effective nor permanent when it is packaged and marketed as an easy, quick-fix approach. However, it should not be complicated. PÜR LIFE has combined the latest in scientific research with simple, reasonable, and effective techniques to offer an unparalleled weight loss system. We offer multiple solutions within this system to accommodate the needs of all our patients.


Clinically proven light therapy to heal and regenerate the body on a cellular level.


Nutrition & Supplements


With thousands of nutraceuticals on the market, people find it nearly impossible to choose effective supplements. Most options either contain ineffective ingredients or are not formulated to actually get into the cell to have significant effect. PÜR LIFE Medical offers the very finest and most effective line of supplements on the market. Our team of researchers, master formulators, and physicians have painstakingly crafted a supplement line that provides the best nutritional support for our patients.


The famous axiom attributed to Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is a fundamental principle of PÜR LIFE Medical. While our protocols and procedures offer tremendous relief from pain and illness, supporting the body with proper nutrition and eating habits amplifies everything else we do. In fact, most illness in our society is caused by poisoning the body with the standard American diet, or worse. And so much of this disease can be resolved by simply eliminating those poisons and supporting the cells with the proper nutrients. Food has been clinically proven to help restore proper cell function. And proper cell function allows the body to heal itself. We offer eating plans for every patient based on blood type and specific health condition. These are not diets but instead are based on sound principles of nutrition to support healing.