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PÜR LIFE IV Therapies

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IV Treatments

PÜR altitude

Addresses: altitude sickness symptoms, exhaustion, headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of appetite, low oxygen in the body and/or fast heart rate.

Benefits: alpha-lipoid acid fights headaches, protects against altitude sickness (nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue), and increases oxygen flow in the body.

PÜR balance

Addresses: hormonal imbalance, fatigue, depression, moodiness.

Benefits: helps with sleep regulation and reduction of bloating, *Myers infused with B6 which is significant to protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, the creation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters, and Arginine for improving cardiovascular health.

PÜR boost

Addresses: low energy, lack of clarity, low immunity.

Benefits: increases oxygen flow in the body, enhances sexual performance, promotes clarity for students and studying for big exams, enhances athletic performance, overall support for people on the go.

PÜR cleanse

Addresses: cleansing of the liver.

Benefits: detoxifies, protects against free radicals, reduces oxidative stress, boosts immunity.

PÜR cognition

Addresses: inability to focus, attention deficit, memory issues, concentration, lack of motivation.

Benefits: helps enhance cognition, keener focus, quicker thinking, problem solving, memory, attention, sharpness, determination and more.

PÜR recovery

Addresses: hangovers and muscle strain.

Benefits: restores homeostasis.

PÜR glow

Addresses: fine lines and wrinkles, lack-luster complexion, saggy collagen-deprived skin.

Benefits: reduces fine lines and wrinkles, aids in production of collagen, enhances elasticity, refreshes and improves skin tone and texture.

PÜR hydra

Addresses: hangovers, exercise fatigue, general exhaustion, jet-lag, lack-luster complexion.

Benefits: re-energizes and refreshes the body.

PÜR immunity

Addresses: cold and flu symptoms, seasonal allergies, oxidative stress, and pesky free radicals.

Benefits: boosts immune system, reduces oxidative stress, protects against free radicals (unstable atoms that damage cells causing illness and aging).

PÜR *Myers Original

Addresses: stress, depression, headaches, a weakened immune system, allergies, muscle aches, fatigue, poor concentration, bad food and nutritional choices.

Benefits: supports active lifestyles (the person always on the go), fights stress and depression, helps with headaches, weakened immune systems, fights allergies, aids in muscle aches and fatigue.

PÜR nutra

Addresses: water retention, cravings, general exhaustion, dehydration, lack-luster complexion.

Benefits: boosts metabolism and energy, detoxifies vital organs, eliminates excess body fat, reduces hunger cravings, helps you fit into those jeans and much more.

PÜR peace

Addresses: stress, anxiety, exhaustion.

Benefits: improves mood, helps you relax, rest, and to restore.

PÜR protect

Addresses: the cold and / or flu.

Benefits: protects against free radicals, reduces oxidative stress, boosts immune system, detoxifies the body, reduces cellular inflammation and more.

PÜR relief

Addresses: pain, headaches.

Benefits:  relieves aches and pains in muscles, headaches, teeth, menstrual cramps, rheumatism and more.

PÜR revive

Addresses: low testosterone levels.

Benefits: boosts testosterone naturally, increases sex drive, stamina, and overall vitality and energy.

PÜR sport

Addresses: supports athletes or adventurers who run, cycle, swim, play soccer, football, hockey, Motorsports, surf, sky dive, snow board, climb, play tennis, box and much more.

Benefits: Pure energy for your adventurous extreme-sport spirit.

*The original Myers’ Cocktail is a formula of intravenous vitamins and minerals that was pioneered by the late Dr. John Myers, MD. Many of his patients who found relief with these infusions (some for over 25 years) sought continued treatments from Alan R. Gaby, MD a renowned nutritional medicine expert who became one of the major proponents of this treatment. Through these patients, Dr. Gaby found that Dr. Myers had been successful in treating a surprisingly large number of clinical conditions with this nutrient infusion. The “Cocktail” includes magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins (including B12), and Vitamin C and is given by a slow IV push or slow infusion to achieve concentrations of nutrients that are not obtainable with oral administration. Article Citation: https://www.gwcim.com/services/myers-cocktail/

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