Our story.

To provide easy access to cutting-edge medical approaches for a more vibrant and healthier you!

PÜR LIFE Medical founders believe our quality of life is determined by many things and personal health plays a huge role.  Our dream, passion, and life goal is to provide easy access to cutting-edge medical approaches to better support a vibrant and healthier you.

We are now developing PÜR LIFE Medical clinics worldwide that provide integrative medical protocols to promote and support health and healing.

We have spent a lot of time enjoying and working in Costa Rica. This exotic country has a theme Costa Ricans live by, “El Pais de Amistad,” which means "the friendship country." They are friendly people who go out of their way to extend friendship and love.  They make visitors feel welcome, a part of their culture and extend a helping hand.  

Costa Ricans have used the term “Pura Vida” for over five decades.  It is used in a similar way that “Aloha” is used in Hawaii but has more depth and meaning.  The actual translation for Pura Vida is “pure life.”  Costa Ricans use it as a salutation to greet or say goodbye to people, wishing the person a pure life.  This sincere wish of positivity for someone’s life can mean things like “take it easy,” “life is great,” and many more sentiments.  The deeper meaning of "Pura Vida" is to be grateful for what you have and for who you are.

Achieving "Pura Vida" the “Pure Life” is a key thread weaved into the tapestry of our founders’ vision. It seemed appropriate to name clinics after this theme... for the PÜR LIFE Medical clinics truly are a path to achieve a purer, healthier, higher quality of life.

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